About Us

OCK Group is principally involved in the provision of telecommunication services equipped with the ability to provide full turnkey services. We provide comprehensive services to all six segments of the telecommunication network services market: network planning, design and optimization, network deployment, network operations and maintenance, energy management, infrastructure management, and other professional services. As a Network Facilities Provider (NFP) Licensee, we are able to build, own and lease telecommunication towers and rooftop structures to the telecommunication operators in Malaysia.

OCK Group also trades in telecommunication hardware and installation of materials such as antennas, feeder cables, connectors, etc. This business division complements the core business of the Group as it acts not only as a materials supplier to the Group but to other telecommunication network service providers and operators as well.

As our businesses expand, OCK Group has ventured into Green Energy and Power Solutions, an imminent and a rapidly growing industry in Malaysia. Concurrently, we are active in the construction of solar farms as well as supplying power generation equipments for commercial, retail and factory buildings, inclusive of installation, commissioning and testing services.

M&E is one of the core businesses of OCK Group that provides mechanical and electrical services to housing development projects, commercial high-rise buildings, factories, infrastructures, airports, medical centres and hotels.

Throughout the years, the Group has effectively executed our regional strategies, through expanding into countries namely Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia and China. Within a short 14 months from December 2015 to January 2017, the Group successfully secured our position in two growing telecommunication economies which are Myanmar and Vietnam. In Myanmar, the Group is contracted to build and lease up to 920 telecommunication towers to Telenor. In Vietnam, the Group completed the acquisition of Southeast Asia Telecommunications Holdings Pte. Ltd., the largest independent telecommunication tower company in Vietnam with 1,983 telecommunication towers.

Though the Group's current regional plans have been successful, OCK will remain assertive in executing the next phase of business growth.